Are You Standing In The Path Of Opportunities?

For opportunities to find you, you need to be standing in their way. There is a myth that opportunities happen to lucky people, but the truth is that opportunities come to us every day, ready to be found if only we take the time to look in the right places. Looking in the right places refers to the actions we take to put ourselves in the path for opportunities to find us. Putting yourself in the path of opportunity requires groundwork, laying the necessary foundations.

When we hear of successful people doing this, that or the other it can be easy to think how lucky they are, but what we do not see is the groundwork that has been laid to get them into the position to attract the opportunities and therefore be ‘lucky’.

Take for example the blogger who lands a publishing deal, publishing a book, which leads to speaking engagements and a partnership designing products for a household name. Despite what we think, these opportunities did not happen by chance. More often than not it would be a case of that blogger leveraging themselves to be in the right place at the right time by setting the groundwork, which would have started with their blog.

It takes time to set the groundwork, the results are not immediately obvious but once the ripple starts, it creates other ripples that in turn create other ripples that can keep going if nurtured properly. The industry you are in can affect how soon the ripples of opportunity get started. I have been blogging about design for seven years, but my ripple effect is only just starting to take effect, propelled by my seizing an opportunity to write a book five years into my blogging journey.

So are you the kind of person who actively seeks out opportunities or do you sit and wait, wondering why those around you seem to be getting the offers that you know were just made for you? Do share in the comments.

– Tapiwa

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