Be Still – Take Some Time To Do Nothing And Just Be

Most of us don’t know how to be still anymore. And by still I mean taking some time to do nothing and just be. Whether that’s lying down and letting our minds drift or walking aimlessly and really hearing the birds sing. When was the last time you looked up at the clouds and actually watched them drift lazily across the sky, or truly felt the caress of a gentle breeze tickling your skin?

It seems every moment of our lives needs to be filled with some activity; we are too busy being busy. And if we have nothing to do we feel ill at ease, we get agitated, thinking that we are wasting time by doing nothing.

Our gadgets offering a world of 24/7 online connectivity and distraction have made it even harder to just be. So its no wonder that activities like Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness have become extremely popular in recent years. More people seek to reconnect with mind, body, and spirit as a way of coping with the demands of modern life.

Being still does not have to be about being physically still or following some fancy meditation ritual. Being still is about stilling your mind, taking a few moments to brush away the thoughts and things demanding your attention, and really focus on the self. And, not feel guilty for doing so.

You can be still for 5mins, half an hour, even a day, at your desk or lying on the couch, whatever time and whichever place is comfortable. All that matters is that you are taking some time to fully connect with yourself in the present. And for those precious minutes forget about that presentation you need to prepare for, or what to do for dinner…

…And just take the time to switch of, and be still.

– Tapiwa

[Image credit: Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday from Pexels]

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