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Why It Is Important To Invest In Yourself And Your Business

As a start-up, creative business owner on a budget investing in myself and my business was something that seemed out of reach. I just didn’t have the money to do it. Or rather that is what I told myself, as I wasted my precious pounds on things that were never going to bring me a return. What changed for me was a shift in mindset. I always saw investing as meaning working with a coach or taking some fancy course, forgetting that by reading a business book or attending an event I was in fact investing myself and my business. And the big shift for me came when I realised that I could spend the next seven years doing the same things that I had been doing in the past seven years, or take control and invest in myself to move forward.

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Are You Confident About Charging What You’re Worth?

Knowing what to charge for your product or service has to be one of the most challenging responsibilities of working for yourself. When it comes to creativity in an industry where working for free is often expected, seen as something you should be grateful for, charging what you are worth is the bane of the creative entrepreneur. It is no secret that so many of us undercharge in the mistaken belief that we are not worthy of charging high prices. We fear that being expensive means we will not get clients.

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Listening To That Little Voice And Following Your Dream

Here’s the thing about dreams and following your passion, ignore them and they generate this voice that keeps whispering in your ear, and the more you keep trying to block it out, batting it away, the louder it gets until all you can hear is an irritating, roaring noise. That irritation is telling you, you need to take action.

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Deferring The Short-Term Dreams To Reap The Long-Term Rewards

One of the hardest things about following the path to entrepreneurship is having to defer certain dreams. This can give rise to the feeling that you are being left behind when you see your friends and family who are working the 9-to-5 building up careers with [steady] paychecks and purchasing the material things that indicate a successful life i.e. houses, cars, holidays.

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The Ten Year Rule, Fact Or Fiction

As someone who switched careers from graphic design to writing and publishing via a stint as a jewellery designer, I find the Ten Year Rule fascinating. The theory being that it takes ten years, equating to 10,000 hours for someone to master their craft and then become an expert in it. The theory was the result of research by John Hayes a Carnegie Mellon University Professor and later by others including Professor K. Anders Ericsson. There are various arguments for and against the Ten Year Rule not least that the ten year period is subjective and that the actual time taken can vary according to the individual person. However, one thing the above-mentioned professors and most critics agree on is that the Ten Year Rule is not solely responsible for a person becoming top of their field; there is also the need for what is called ‘deliberate practice’.

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