Challenging The Fear Of Stepping Into The Unknown

The weather has gotten colder and windier as autumn gives way to winter. As the seasons change, I have found myself increasingly reluctant to leave the house for my afternoon walk. Looking through the window the world outside seems dreary and not a place I want to give up the cosy warmth of the indoors for right now. But I need to go out and here’s the thing, having finally convinced myself to do so once I was outdoors I found it to be not as cold as I had thought it would be when I looked through the window.

I went on to enjoy a brisk walk, and although cold, I found it to be energising, waking me up from a post-lunch slump. As I walked I reflected on how life, and for us entrepreneurs starting a business is a lot like this experience; of being reluctant to step out of our comfort zones as we allow our minds to amplify problems and in the process working ourselves into a state of unnecessary anxiety before we have even attempted to tackle the challenge we face.

The fear of stepping into the unknown is what holds so many back, stopping us from taking the actions necessary to realising our dreams and having amazing experiences in life. So instead of approaching the unknown with dread, why don’t we instead acknowledge that we may encounter difficulties, which we may not like, but have the courage to give it a go anyway, because worse than not trying is the regret of ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’.

If you are facing the fear of stepping into the unknown you can read more about my experiences in a previous post – Why It Is Important To Face Your Fears As A Creative Entrepreneur.

Are you facing the fear of the unknown? I would love to hear about your experiences. Do share in the comments.

– Tapiwa

[Image credit: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels]

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