Deferring The Short-Term Dreams To Reap The Long-Term Rewards

One of the hardest things about following the path to entrepreneurship is having to defer certain dreams. This can give rise to the feeling that you are being left behind when you see your friends and family who are working the 9-to-5 building up careers with [steady] paychecks and purchasing the material things that indicate a successful life i.e. houses, cars, holidays.

When I find myself conflicted about the entrepreneurial path I have chosen I am often reminded of planting seeds, nurturing and watching them grow.

As a child we had a thriving garden full of different types of veg and fruits, courtesy of my dad and the gardener who each season at the right time would go through the process of preparing the beds, planting the seeds, adding mulch, protecting as much as possible the first shoots, watering and pruning and adding more mulch to enrich the soil to help the fragile plants to take hold and form strong roots to enable them to grow, either spreading out across the bed or up towards the sky. Depending on the type of plant, the time and care taken would result in sprouting leaves that would grow full and lush and the bulbs of fruit becoming ripe and juicy ready for harvesting.

The above illustrates that taking care of plants is all about timing. And running a business is much the same way. Like some plants, it may take a few months, for others like trees it may take several years to see the results of your efforts and to reap the rewards. But the lesson in all this is to take it step by step, day by day and doing what is needed to move you forward and achieve long-term success.

– Tapiwa

[Image credit: Photo by Caitlyn de Wild on Unsplash

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