Does Following Your Passion Automatically Lead To Success?

I read this quote the other day “Follow your passion and success will follow”. Not the first I have seen or heard this shared or uttered by various people to motivate their audiences. And whilst in theory its all well and good, I know from personal experience that following your passion can be ridiculously hard, and success elusive. And it is the messy, meandering, hard bit that is missing in between that statement. 

You can’t just get up write a book, or design a chair and then expect to become an overnight success, without having put in the foundation work needed to do so. No matter how passionate you are the journey between taking the first step to start following your passion to achieving success is often paved with frustration, uncertainty, obstacles, and setbacks. 

This is why planning, having a strategy and working with people who can help you along the way is so important. Success is rarely achieved in isolation. Even if you are a solopreneur there will be people you will rely on to get you to reach those goals.

I do believe, again from personal experience, that when you follow your passion there is an element of effortless, even during the hard times. And it is that messy middle that shapes us as entrepreneurs. That makes us understand just how passionate we are about making what we do work no matter is thrown at us. Passion gives you that drive, that ability to find solutions, to get up when you stumble. 

Without a doubt regardless of how passionate you are, it will be hard work, but your passion is what will soften the edges, and will keep you motivated during the inevitable hard times. And if you stick with following your passion, and doing the right things it can eventually lead you to success.

How have you found the journey of following your passion? Do share in the comments, I’d love to know.


[Image credit: Photo by Free Creative Stuff from Pexels]

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