Does Luck Determine Your Success As An Entrepreneur

I was thinking about the meaning of luck the other day. Frustrated at missing out on an opportunity I pondered the question, ‘Is luck something that just happens to you, or do you create it?’ Does luck determine your success in life and business? I’m sure we’ve all uttered statements like ‘that was lucky’ or ‘you’re so lucky’ when something favourable leading to success happens to us or others we know. In doing so we affirm our beliefs that luck is this magical thing that chooses who to bless and therefore we have no control over it. But is that really true?

When you are building a business it can seem that luck and success are intertwined. Not getting that contract, your audience not knowing who you are, or your products not selling can make you seem unlucky when you compare yourself to that bestselling author or the business owner whose products sell-out with hours of launch. They are lucky, or so we have been conditioned to believe.

I believe that there are two types of luck in this world. Firstly the kind of luck that happens without explanation. What we attribute to being serendipity, fate, destiny, miracles. The things that seemingly happen by chance. Being in the right place at the right time. Surviving a bad accident without a scratch.

But I also believe that some unexplainable luck is born out of the choices that we make. That what we put out into the universe, including those unconscious thoughts, guides us in ways that we are not aware of until the things we call ‘lucky’ happen. The decision to go to that party and meet your future spouse, or to start a business that leads to achievements that you never envisioned for yourself.

So if luck occurs due to the choices that we make does this then mean as business owners we can make luck happen by doing all the right things and putting ourselves in the places where luck will find us? Sadly, not always. We can do the ‘right things’ and still be unlucky. For example, we hear of actors and their so-called ‘lucky break’ that propels them to stardom after years of hard work. But in a parallel universe, that same actor may never get that lucky break despite doing the same things. Is that, therefore, their fault, that somehow they did not believe enough, try hard enough, were not lucky enough?

I don’t have the answer to that, but I do agree with this quote. 

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” – Eric Kim

I believe that we can make our own luck in our businesses by preparing ourselves, taking calculated risks and as I spoke about in a previous post standing in the path of opportunities. And by doing all this we can increase our chances of becoming lucky.

What are your thoughts in luck and success?


[Image credit: Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash]

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