Tips to Prepare for Your Brand Photoshoot

Creating on-brand images is one of the most fun-filled aspects of building a brand. It can also be one of the most stressful tasks. Having had a branding photoshoot for some on-brand images, I thought I would share my experiences of how to prepare and ensure you get the images you want.

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Manage Your Energy Levels To Get More Done In Less Time

I have a question for you- Do you make listening to your body during your working day a habit, in particular paying attention to your energy levels? If not here’s why you should be doing this. Structuring your day around your energy levels has the benefit of making you more focused and productive. Meaning you get more done in less time. Who wouldn’t want that!!! It makes sense really, but how many of us do this. I certainly didn’t!

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30 Ways To Make Your Brand More Visible

Are you struggling to get your business noticed in a crowded marketplace? I hear you, trying to stand out and not getting anywhere can be frustrating and demoralising. But making your brand more visible doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to get things moving in the right direction. If you’re not sure where to start and need some ideas to spur you into action my 30 Ways To Make Your Brand More Visible guide will help you on your way.

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A Guide To Turning Your Creative Hobby Into A Thriving Business

You’ve been developing your creative hobby for a while and are now seriously thinking about turning it into a thriving business. Maybe friends and family have been encouraging you to sell your creations. Perhaps you have enquires coming from word-of-mouth recommendations. Or you want to create an additional income stream. Whatever the reason turning your hobby into a business is a big step, one that requires a shift in mindset from making for pleasure as and when you feel like it to creating for-profit and putting routines in place.

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5 Reasons Why People Are Not Buying Your Product And How To Fix This

Paying customers are the lifeline of any business without them you’re simply running a hobby. Every entrepreneur dreams of creating a successful and profitable business, but for many getting those first customers through the door or to click the buy button can be challenging. People buy what they know, like and trust. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Accept that not everyone is going to buy your product because it could be that it’s the wrong colour, too big, too small and so forth for what they need. The problem though is when nothing at all is happening on the sales front leaving you frustrated, wondering why people are not buying your product and how you can fix it.

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How To Get Your First Piece Of Press Coverage

Getting your very first piece of press coverage for your product, service or business is a very exciting moment in your business journey. I still remember my first of press. It marked a pivotal moment in how I saw and felt about my business and my potential. Someone believed in me enough to share my story. But it took me a while to gather up the courage to reach out to press outlets, so I know how daunting the process of getting your first piece of press coverage can be.

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Do You Know Who You Are Selling To?

Do you know who you are selling to may seem like an obvious question. But too many creatives look to market their products without knowing exactly who they are selling to. And if you don’t know your customers how can you craft the written, visual and audio messages needed to get your product in front of them?

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Why You Need To Carry Out A Brand Audit

Have you checked the health of your brand lately?

In my post What Exactly is a Brand? I explained that a brand is a vehicle that connects your business, product, service or even yourself to your audience. A brand is made up of many things including your logo, the messages you send out, the design of your products, and the experience of your service. A brand, therefore, has great value to your business. It is easy to create a brand, but it needs to be nurtured to make sure it stays relevant in the mind of your existing audience, whilst also working to attract the attention of new ones. However, as the realities of running a business set in it becomes all too easy to forget about maintaining your brand unless you absolutely have to. And before you know it your brand is tired, dusty, and trailing your competitors. 

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Does Following Your Passion Automatically Lead To Success?

I read this quote the other day “Follow your passion and success will follow”. Not the first I have seen or heard this shared or uttered by various people to motivate their audiences. And whilst in theory its all well and good, I know from personal experience that following your passion can be ridiculously hard, and success elusive. And it is the messy, meandering, hard bit that is missing in between that statement. 

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Basic Branding Strategy For The Start-Up Creative Business Owner

You’ve created a product, picked a business name, had a logo designed, set up a website and maybe printed some business cards. This is how many brands typically start out, reacting to what is happening rather than developing from a well-thought-out, or at the very least a basic branding strategy. And whilst this approach will see you through the early start-up days and months there eventually comes a time when you think ‘hang on a second, this is getting very real and I need to get clear on my brand’.

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