The Power Of Self-Belief

One of the hardest things about starting a business and putting your product or service out into the world is having the self-belief that you can do this. And self-belief much like the fear of failure can hold us back from fully realising our visions. Our self-belief is attacked by self-depreciating words and statements such as ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘What if I fail’, ‘They are more successful than me’, ‘What if no-one likes it’, ‘Who am I to be doing this’ and so on.

To overcome a lack of self-belief, in the words of Nike ‘Just do It’. But this is easier said than done. Self-belief is about staying positive in the face of adversity, of being unafraid to step out of your comfort zone especially if you have no clue as to how things will work out and are trusting that they will work out. Self-belief takes effort, it is much easier to say ‘I can’t’ and just walk away, than it is to say ‘I can’ and stay to see what happens.

But self-belief is something that grows within us, something that we have to nurture in order to experience the benefits, and the more you keep believing, trying and seeing positive results the more you start to believe that ‘I can actually do this’

So if you are struggling with self-belief today, why not take a leap of faith by ignoring the doubtful voices in your head and embracing what happens when you tell yourself you can.

Are you struggling with self-belief on your entrepreneurial journey? What strategies/tactics do you use to help you overcome your doubts and move forward? Do share in the comments.

– Tapiwa

[Image credit: Photo by Tony James-Andersson from Pexels]

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