Unfold Your Brand Story

Your guide to crafting a brand story that meaningfully aligns with your purpose and resonates with your audience
Storytelling is a powerful tool in business. Stories shine the light on our humanness, helping your audience to emotionally connect with you and your brand.

And the stories we share about who we are, what we do and why we do it can be the difference between someone choosing to hang out on your platform a few minutes longer as opposed to leaving as soon as they land because your story doesn’t resonate.

“Storytelling is about giving people a reason to care.”
- Clare Balding, TV Presenter

Stories told from the heart resonate. Because it is when you are true to yourself that you can then show up with sincerity, putting your best self forward to cultivate a business that thrives and a community that connects. And when you are truly connected to your brand story you will hear it in your voice, expressions, and actions.

We all have stories to tell. They could be ones of hope, inspiration, upliftment, courage, resilience, or simply be entertaining. It can take a bit of time to settle on the stories you want to share and words and images to convey them, particularly if you are just starting out.

Some stories are easier to tell than others. Perhaps you are struggling with not knowing what to share, what to say, how to say it, and where to say it. That is where Unfold Your Brand Story can help.

We help you keep it real in a world where we can sometimes question the validity of our messages, or feel trapped in a cycle of sharing things that don’t truly reflect who you are but do so because it’s popular and so you end up feeling like a clone among the many other voices out there.

That is why 'borrowing' other people's copy or tone-of-voice rarely works. It isn't true to who you are.

Unfold Your Brand Story will guide you through the process of crafting soulful brand stories that highlight the value you have to offer your audience and help you stand out. And by choosing to tell our stories we can impact the lives of those who listen to them.
Your story is unique, so don’t be afraid to share it with the world
Pen and blank paper journal

How the workshop will unfold:

The workshop is a safe space to dive deep into your backstory and unfold the rich experiences that infuse your brand story.

  • First you will lay the ground work by delving into your backstory, passions, purpose, experiences and get to the heart of your brand voice.

This is right for if you:

  • Want to build a community that cares about what you do
  • Are struggling to express yourself and need guidance to do justice to your brand story
  • Understand the value your brand story has on building your business and connecting you to your dream audiences
  • Are not sure where to start
  • Want to be true to who you are and are ready to let that shine through

You will learn:

  • To uncover the stories that have shaped you and your journey
  • Find the common threads that connect your stories together
  • How to set boundaries so that you don’t over share
  • How to use storytelling to communicate your brand purpose and values
  • How to hone in on the stories that resonate with your audience
  • The different types of storytelling
  • How to craft and share your brand story with confidence
What you will receive:

Lifetime access to the online course lessons

Downloadable workbooks with exercises and checklists to put your ideas and thoughts into actions

There is someone out there who is waiting to hear your story
Your commitment:

Unfold Your Brand Story is part instructor a video and workbook based self-led course.

Your investment:

£447 for lifetime access

I offer a payment plan of 2 x £223.50 or 3 x £149

Only you can write and tell the truth that is your story.
Unfold Your Brand Story will help you do just that.


Q: Who is this workshop for?
A: Unfold Your Story is designed for entrepreneurs who want to create a sincere brand story that resonates and attracts their desired audience.
Q: How much time will I need to do the workshop?
A: To complete the workshop you will have exercises to work on at your own pace.
Q: How long do I have access to the workshop?
A: You will have lifetime access to the workshop videos, slides and materials for as long as it is running.
Q: Do I need any special software to use the workshop?
A: The worksheets are designed to be printed off and filled in by hand or can be filled in digitally using Acrobat Reader, which you can download here for free. The letter templates require Microsoft Word.
Q: Does taking the workshop guarantee my audience will connect to my story?

A: There are no guarantees and it would be remiss of me to make false promises. You deserve better. Crafting your story is just the first part. Sharing your story requires consistency and knowing where your desired audience hang out. As with anything you do the more focus and attention you put in and show up to do the work the more you will get out of it and increase your chances of building those important meaningful connections. 

Q: What support will I get while taking the workshop?
A: As this course is self-led support does not come with this course. I designed the course in such a way as to make the lessons self-explanatory, giving you the confidence to put what you learn into practice straight away.
Q: I feel that I would benefit from more personalised support from you how can I get this?
I occasionally offer a limited number of intensive 1-to-1 sessions throughout the year, contact me here for consideration, my availability, and prices.
Q: What is your refund policy
A: I understand that plans and circumstances change. You have up until 48 hours before you begin the workshop to request a refund. Refunds are not applicable once you start the workshop. If you are unsure if the workshop is right for you or have any questions please do contact me before purchasing.

Ready to craft your brand story?